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First we have to get there.

May 24th, 2009 Comments off

We would take our vacation in the summer to benefit from the nicest possible weather. I bundled my vacation time for three consecutive weeks off, starting with the July 4th weekend to exploit the three-day holiday weekend. On the celebration of our nation’s birthday, we would leave the colonies for Europe.

In late April I started watching prices. And I became a neurotic mess. Every air-fare Web site I could find sent me daily e-mail alerts. The economy was in the tank and fares were at record lows for the next few weeks. But prices weren’t budging for summer travel. Various travel advice Web sites suggested that ticket prices might not go down for the peak season, especially for travelers as foolish as to book travel on the July 4th weekend.  Well then.

I purchased the tickets in mid-May. I wanted premium coach seats with extra leg room and I was afraid that if I waited too long, they’d be gone.

If summer air fares finally dropped, I don’t want to know.