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“Be sure to stop at the Traub Bakery!”

June 27th, 2009

My health insurance company at work assigns “health coaches” to some of us who have chronic problems. Mine include high cholesterol and weight. We talk by phone every few months to check on what kind of progress we’re making.

The other day my coach (let’s call her Monica because, well, that’s her name) was admonishing me to stay true to my diet. I mentioned that it will be difficult during our summer vacation because we’re going to Europe for three weeks.

And with that remark, the subject changed from food to food – from what not to eat to what to eat at her cousin’s bakery in Uttenweiler, Germany.

“You are going to Uttenweiler, aren’t you?” she asked. (I have no idea but, uh, sure.)

“You’ve got to go the the Traub Bakery in Uttenweiler! It’s the family bakery! My cousins Gertrude and Paul run it!” (She said everything with exclamation points.)

The bakery won’t do my diet any good, I said. “Diet? In Europe? Hey, enjoy yourself a little. Life happens!  It’s not like you’re going to sit down and eat an entire pie!”

There was a long pause.

“You wouldn’t, would you?”

She started describing all the healthy food we could at the family bakery in Uttenweiler, Germany. “Great whole-grain breads,” she said. “And apple streudel cakes. You’ll love apple streudel!”

“And please say hi to Gertrude and Paul for me!”

Our 30 minutes were up. Monica said we’d talk again in three months to see how my diet’s coming along.

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