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More preparations

June 27th, 2009

It is necessary to supply the house sitters with all the stuff they will need to sit well. Chlorinate the pool, then make sure there are chlorine tabs for them to use. Toilet paper, paper towels, dog treats, mailbox key, all that jazz. So an inventory is needed and then a shopping list of things to buy. Oh yeah and an instruction list of how much to feed the dogs and how many chorine tabs to use, etc. I usually leave this to tom cuz he loves to write funny stuff on the list to amuse our guests.

This list will include the name of our pool repairman just in case….but last weekend in an effort to maintain our pool equipment, tom put in new filter cartridges and cleaned the strainer baskets to improve water flow. Sadly he was not satisfied with the pressure and took apart the gate valve to see what was impeding the flow and then put it back together again. Handy guy! Except then the valve started leaking air and we couldn’t get any pressure at all. He then replaced all the o-rings and put it together again and voila we have major water flow and pressure!!!!

Then there is the issue of leaving them a clean house to live in. Tom wanted to clean and I wanted to hire someone. He graciously gave in to me. So we hired a service to come the day before we leave. They will clean bathrooms, kitchen, floors and even wash the sheet s and remake the beds!!! Also for an extra fee they will wipe all the blinds and clean out the fridge. I could get used to doing that once a month whether we leave or not.

Then this past Friday the freezer stopped freezing and the fridge stopping fridging. So I called the repair guy who came out on Saturday and fixed our problems. Overnight all the contents went into cooler chests with ice to save as much food as possible. We will be eating a lot of defrosted chicken this week . Now the fridge is working and it is squeaky clean. No need for the cleaning service to do it! Oh, and the can opener died too. What else will go wrong I wonder??? If bad things come in threes then I hope we’re all done!

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