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Authentic Poland: Pass the lard, please

July 15th, 2009

Folks, you may not hear from me for a day or two. We spent Tuesday night in the downtown Krakow parking lot where we had parked Mobi to spend the evening walking around the historic (everything is historic, of course) Krakow Town Square, the largest Medieval square in Europe.

We had dinner at an authentic Polish dinner house, 2 blocks off the beaten path. We’ve come to discover a few things, including that unlike America, if you want a beer, you just order a beer. There is no choice as to the kind of beer, except small and large. There is only one kind, though. It is called “beer.”   There were no sodas on the menu, nor tea, so Jeanne ordered “water preserves.”  It was, well, a glass of spring water with a big dollop of dark (courant?) preserves to sweeten it. It was cold and refreshing and she rather liked it. Our meals were various meats, all accompanied by potato dumplings.

With our bread, we got a cheese spread and something I thought was butter. But it was sort of tasteless. I asked what it was.  “Pork lard,” the man said.  Oh.  I would have died for some crispy bacon, but I had little use for pork lard.

When we returned to Mobi at the parking lot we decided, what the heck, let’s just spend the night right there. We paid the attendant some more money, and after we cooled off (no electricity so no chance to run our fan), we went to bed.

All of this is to say that my batteries are low and it was hard to find an internet cafe this morning.  Later today we will drive into Slovakia, toward Bratislava, the capital, and on Thursday will head into Vienna (or, as the maps say, Wien).

So, until we meet again in a day or two, be safe, and so will we!

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