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Getting sauced in Belgium

July 6th, 2009

After just a day in Belgium, you learn two things very quickly.  One: people love their beers and, well, they’re pretty good. Monica, my health coach, will kill me. I had three in one day.

The other thing you discover quickly is that Belgians love their sauces. And, they’re good.

Now, for the record, I’m not a big sauce person. I prefer lighter meals, like this antipasto appetizer plate that Daughter put out before our evening walk.

But when in Antwerp, eventually you have to do what Antwerpians do. For dinner, Daughter and Boyfriend suggested what they refer to as the Chicken House, one of a dozen or so restaurants and sidewalk cafes at what is called the Grand Marketplace, or the historic square in downtown Antwerp.

There are other things on the menu but the moment you walk in and see, smell and feel (the heat) of the wall of chickens on the rotisseries behind the hostess, you figure you’ve got to do chicken.  The chicken can come plain, but the menu offers various sauces and that is clearly  the intention: you want chicken? Then you get it with sauce.

Red wine-and-mushroom sauce. Mushroom pepper sauce. Stroganoff sauce. Provencal, curry, Bordelaise, béarnaise, compote… All sorts of sauces.

And you chose between fries or skillet country potatoes. But there don’t seem to be any vegetables in the house, and just one side-salad offering.

But there are lots of beers.

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