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Rooting on Lance

July 22nd, 2009

Later on Tuesday, as we climbed up the highway toward our quest to photograph Mont-Blanc, one of the largest mountains in Europe and just a few miles from the real Matterhorn, we stopped to photograph Martigny from above. Martigny is the city where the Tour de France began Tuesday.

For our view, we pulled out at an apricot stand, in part because it offered a huge parking lot which translates to easy-in easy-out. We were thousands of feet above the city.

It’s there we met our new friends from Cincinnati — Barb, who does PR and marketing for an insurance company, her husband, Jeff, who does I.T. work but wants to follow his heart and go into teaching, and their daughter, Julie, 15, who was wearing her Tour de France T-shirt, still freshly creased.

Bubbly Barb, being the P.R. person, did the talking. Yes, they were in Martigny earlier in the day to watch the Tour de France. “We saw Lance,” she said. “Well, we haven’t seen Lance yet but when we blow up the picture on the computer, we’re pretty sure we’ll see him in the crowd.”

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