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We’re leaving home…bye, bye

July 3rd, 2009

We have packed, we have had the house cleaned and we have eaten! Son and daughter-in-law have been hugged and my mother has been tucked into her apartment. There are only little things left to do like make a phone list to carry, since our cell phones are not international and will remain home. One final wash is needed to freshen the towels. We argued about this. No clothing left in the hampers or leave a little for later? I won.

Tom keeps adding little things like a soap box to the suitcases. But he refuses to re-weigh them, telling me that it’s only a half-ounce here and one there. We’ll see when they weigh them at the airport…

The “boys” are looking at us with pouting eyes, trying to make us feel guilty enough to stay home. It’s not working, but it’s a good try for two dogs. They will be missed. Someday when we retire and go on trips they will go with us….if they’re still alive. It may take that long to retire in this economy.

I will miss my home and doggies and stuff…..but a great adventure awaits. I won’t even chance to say that we’ll have a terrific time or a horrific time. But it will be an adventure, I’m sure of that!!!!

Wish us luck ‘cuz we’re leaving on a jet plane!!!!

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