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How boys become men.

September 6th, 2010

At our 3:45 a.m. feeding, Kieran and I discovered how little boys become men.

We discovered the NFL Network.

I’m not a huge football fan. I can’t name but two or three of today’s quarterbacks, for instance. I’ll probably watch one game a week, depending on the buzz at the office. I would follow our home-town team but, wait, we don’t have one.

But tonight I rediscovered the joy of the highlight reel. Kieran was mesmerized too, as he sucked down his four ounces. The focus of our attention: Fran Tarkenton, quarterback, Minnesota Vikings back in the day of black-and-white TV and muddy fields.

Man, could he scramble. Probably because his real name was Francis and he did a lot of running on the playground, either toward other boys  who teased him, or away from them.  Hey Francis! Hey Francis! Then he probably nailed some kid and emerged as Fran, and he went into football and proved himself with his legs as much as his arms.

Kieran and I watched Fran, our eyes as big as saucers. I don’t know if Kieran is ever going to play football but if he does, and if anyone suggests his name isn’t tough enough for the NFL, Kieran will remember the night he and Gramps watched Fran Tarkenton on the NFL Network.

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