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Getting ready for the house sitters

June 2nd, 2009 Comments off

Preparing for our European RV trip means making the house habitable for the house sitters. You can hide things for a weekend but over the course of three weeks, they’ll come to know us intimately.

The lucky couple is Tom’s boss and his wife. They have a newborn and two dogs. Tom says I need to make some room in the closets for their things. Make room? Everything is so simple for a man who owns eight pairs of pants, a dozen shirts and five pairs of shoes.

Tom doesn’t take into account that I have 30 years of clothing stuffed in the closet, in five different sizes. You don’t just shove a few things out of the way. You’ve got to sort through what’s there — and factor in that you’re trying to lose weight so this is a good time to toss the big sizes.

It’s not that I can’t live with myself as I am. But visiting our daughter and her boyfriend in Belgium is like a week on the treadmill at a gym. You walk around Antwerp. You walk around Brugge. You walk around Brussels. You walk around Ghent. You walk to the grocery store, to the clothing store, to the Irish pub. Europeans walk. So we need to lose weight.

And that gets us back to the closet. I’m filling several large bags with clothes that are now too big and outdated and yet the remaining items seem to be reproducing like bunnies in there behind my back. I swear there’s more in there now!!!!  I’m ready for a vacation.