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This moment transcended just a diaper change.

September 24th, 2010 Comments off

Cassie, in Antwerp, watching her brother via Skype change his baby's diaper back in Las Vegas.I never could have anticipated this day: watching Cassie, in Antwerp, staring at a computer screen and watching live video streaming of her brother, Paul, back home in Las Vegas, changing his baby’s messy diaper and performing the necessary wipes that go with it before putting on a clean one.

This is remarkable on several levels, not the least being the technology of Skype and its various competitors in allowing us to not just talk for free on the Internet but to video-chat, too. It helps connect families separated by oceans.Screen-grab of Paul changing Kieran's diaper

But more than the blessing of technology is the joy of grand parenting — of watching our children become parents of their own.

Paul is five years ahead of Cassie and was the ever-so-patient big brother when they grew up in Escondido, California.  They played beautifully together. And so here we are today, Paul and his wife, Sarah, the parents of the beautiful three-month-old Kieran, and our daughter and her Kurt now with their own baby, who is due any day.

Video screen-grab of Paul and Kieran back in Las VegasAnd, just like back in Escondido, Paul is showing Cassie how to master something new. The beaming smile on Cassie’s face yesterday said either she was impressed how well Paul could change a cloth diaper, or (more likely, I think) she was elated by how Paul has become such a wonderful father in his own right. The big brother who played My Little Pony and Legos with little Cassie is back in her life as they each experience, almost at exactly the same time, the joyful adventure of raising their own babies.

How blessed Jeanne and I are to witness this.

Monica, we found your cousins Gertrude and Paul!

July 9th, 2009 Comments off

You may recall from an earlier story that Monica, my company health insurance’s “health coach” whose mission in life is to help me lose weight and lower my cholesterol, learned that we were going on vacation to Europe. She wondered if we were going to travel through Germany and, if so, would we go to Uttenweiler?

Why?  Because, she said, that’s where the family bakery, Traub Bakery, is! And if we went to Uttenweiler, we could say hi to her cousins Gertrude and Paul.

So we added Uttenweiler to our itinerary and today we found the family bakery and met her cousin, Paul.  He was very nice (and Monica, he says to tell you hello!). But more importantly, we found wonderful pastries and baked goods that filled up our bag: a cinnamon-and-nut pastry, a cheese pastry, a cinnamon roll, cinnamon-streudal loaf and a raspberry streudel cake, plus a pretzel for the road.  I don’t think any of these items are on our low-cholesterol, low-calorie diet, but Monica will have to deal with that in her own good time.

Paul said Gertrude was at the other Traub bakery, in nearby Biberach.  He got her on the phone and she was so excited to hear about us that she insisted we visit her as well. She offered to feed us lunch. That settled it. To travel from Las Vegas to Germany to send best wishes to my health coach’s cousins was worth a free lunch!

Gertrude was as warm and delightful as Paul, and spoke better English, and she fed us well with cold-cut sandwiches. We also bought more goodies from her: three chocolate pastries (their names I can’t pronounce, but “chocolate” being the operative word).

Gertrude asked us to tell cousin Monica that Paul got married last summer, and for her to please show up at the family  reunion this Christmas season in Florida. She missed the last one, you know, and she really should be there this time.

So Monica, don’t let us down. Please travel to Florida for the family reunion! And tell Gertrude and Paul, thanks for the great baked goods!