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Taking her baby for a walk. And a walk. And a walk.

September 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Of the many things that amaze me about my 9-month-pregnant daughter is her conviction to staying in shape, including walking every day: to the market, to the dog park, and just to walk.

Yesterday — which was the second of her due dates based on conficting doctors’ opinions — Cassie, Jeanne and I took the subway to reach a more distant location.  (Cassie would have walked but she relented to our wishes to take the underground tram.) Why take the elevator when you can walk (Cassie on the right).

So what does she do? At the end of the ride, she walks up the stairs while the rest of us take the escalator.  That’s my girl, on the far right carrying the red bag.  Wow, I hope she is rewarded when she  goes into labor…

Walking in Prague

July 31st, 2009 Comments off

Tom has been poring over the still photographs of our vacation in Europe, and today I started looking through my movie collection.

I had to stop at this one and share a snippet with you. The scenery isn’t so great. In fact all you can see is feet walking. My feet are walking across cobblestones and pavement, and other people’s feet are walking. I have a great pedicure, thank God, but others do not. Sometimes you can also see our daughter’s feet walking beside mine. And sometimes the feet are walking sideways as if on the walls of buildings. It is an interesting but unexpected study of feet walking on a castle tour in Prague.

I have other interesting studies: Movies of trees standing alongside the road. Movies taken of my denim jeans inside a moving bus. Strange bouncing images of people moving along beside me on streets have revealed themselves to me as I watched my movies.

I wish I could say that I am an avant-garde film maker. I am not. I am an inept movie maker. I wonder what pictures I missed that I thought I was taking when the camera was not on. Yes, you have guessed my secret — I confused the “on” beep for the “off” beep.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love this little camcorder that is 4 inches by 31/2 inches with great sound. You can hear the footsteps on the pavement. So many in fact that I can supply a soundman with great sounds of walking feet. And most of my movies turned out surprisingly well considering they were being taken by an idiot.

Yes, I have memories that were a surprise and kind of nice actually. Because we did do a lot of walking on cobblestone streets with each other and other people. And those are good memories. I’m glad I’m not so swift with technology or I would have missed capturing these moments.

Every moment of this wonderful trip was worth recording. If only I had left the camera on more times accidentally or on purpose.

Getting ready for the house sitters

June 2nd, 2009 Comments off

Preparing for our European RV trip means making the house habitable for the house sitters. You can hide things for a weekend but over the course of three weeks, they’ll come to know us intimately.

The lucky couple is Tom’s boss and his wife. They have a newborn and two dogs. Tom says I need to make some room in the closets for their things. Make room? Everything is so simple for a man who owns eight pairs of pants, a dozen shirts and five pairs of shoes.

Tom doesn’t take into account that I have 30 years of clothing stuffed in the closet, in five different sizes. You don’t just shove a few things out of the way. You’ve got to sort through what’s there — and factor in that you’re trying to lose weight so this is a good time to toss the big sizes.

It’s not that I can’t live with myself as I am. But visiting our daughter and her boyfriend in Belgium is like a week on the treadmill at a gym. You walk around Antwerp. You walk around Brugge. You walk around Brussels. You walk around Ghent. You walk to the grocery store, to the clothing store, to the Irish pub. Europeans walk. So we need to lose weight.

And that gets us back to the closet. I’m filling several large bags with clothes that are now too big and outdated and yet the remaining items seem to be reproducing like bunnies in there behind my back. I swear there’s more in there now!!!!  I’m ready for a vacation.